Characteristics of flow divider

Gear type hydraulic synchronous flow divider (hydraulic synchronous motor) is composed of a series of gear pumps or gear motors coupled with each other. Each piece has the function of a pump or a motor. The entire component has a common oil inlet channel and independent oil outlets. The high-pressure oil is supplied to the flow divider by the oil pump. The flow divider only distributes the hydraulic oil flowing into its oil inlet channel and cannot provide energy to the oil. If the size of each piece of the flow divider  is the same, the high-pressure oil at the oil inlet will be The flow divider  divides the flow in equal amounts. If the size of each piece of the flow divider  is different, the output flow will be different according to the geometric displacement of each piece. The larger the displacement of the flow divider , the larger the output flow, that is, the geometric displacement. The amount is proportional to its output flow.

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