1: The external gear motor is a high-speed motor, and its working speed range is 800r / min-3500r / min. It is often used in fan cooling of vehicle, sowing and blowing of agricultural machinery, dust collection of cleaning vehicle and other occasions.

2: Orbit motor belongs to low-speed motor, and its optimal working speed is 30r / min-800r / min. On many moving equipment, the traveling motor often needs a large output torque and low speed, and the orbit motor belongs to this type of motor.

It can be seen that the working speeds of the orbit motor and the external gear motor play a complementary role. The orbit motor is commonly used in the sowing of various agricultural machinery, the walking of construction machinery, the transmission of garden machinery, the cleaning of cleaning machinery, etc., with a wide range.

At present, the products of Shanghai Guorui Hydraulic (GRH) include the above two different types of motors, giving customers more choices.

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