GRH Guorui Hydraulics, the leader in aerial work platforms

Aerial work platform (AWP) is a type of special equipment designed and produced to meet the needs of high-altitude operations. It can lift operators, tools, materials, etc. through the work platform to a designated location for various installations , Maintenance operation, and provide safety guarantee for operators. The aerial work platform has a wide range of downstream applications, and has the characteristics of intensive product technology and high added value. The downstream mainly includes construction, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, steel structure installation and maintenance, building decoration and cleaning, military engineering, warehousing and logistics, airport and station services and other fields.

In the international market, North America, Western Europe and Japan are the main producers of aerial work platforms. Terex and JLG in the United States, Sky jack in Canada, Haulotte in France, and Aichi in Japan are relatively large in scale, ranking among the top five in the world. The global concentration of AWP is high, and the domestic brands Dingli and Xingbang are developing rapidly. In 2018, Dingli ranked 10th in the world, and Hunan Xingbang Heavy Industry ranked 19th. In recent years, Lingong, Xugong, Liugong, Zhonglian and many other companies have also increased their R&D and market expansion efforts, and are in the second echelon of the industry. In the future, as the market scale continues to expand, many traditional manufacturing companies will also flood into this area. There are great variables in the competition among domestic brands in the industry.

The development of aerial work platforms in China is relatively late, and the domestic market is not well aware of the industry. Aerial work platforms are not widely used. A large number of aerial work is still dominated by scaffolding or replaced by forklifts. In a few cases, a platform is even installed on the top of a crane. Box to achieve the purpose of high-altitude operations. In 2018, the number of AWPs in China was about 95,000 units, which is a big gap compared with 600,000 units in the United States and 300,000 units in ten European countries.

Since 2013, the domestic AWP has an average annual compound growth rate of about 45%, and it is still in a high-speed growth period. Whether it is in terms of total inventory, per capita inventory or product penetration, it is driven by safety, economy, and high efficiency. In the future, the domestic AWP market has at least 5-10 times growth space in the future.

As an excellent supplier of aerial work platforms, Guorui Hydraulics has been deeply involved in this field for more than 20 years. Equipped with gear pumps, hydraulic cycloid motors, hydraulic power units, and hydraulic control valves, it is the only strategic cooperative supplier of Terex hydraulic parts in Asia. The full range of products are equipped with domestic and foreign manufacturers of aerial work platforms.

The hydraulic motor widely used in AWP is the wheel motor used to drive the wheel. It has been monopolized by foreign brands in the early years. Guorui introduced high-end talents at home and abroad, independently developed the GWD series, and developed a full-disk normally closed hydraulic controller. And the integrated valve type hand pump, after being verified by domestic OEMs, is now fully introduced to the market.

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