GRH GWD travel motors exported to European market

Recently, in response to the requirements of large European equipment manufacturers, Guorui Hydraulics(GRH) urgently arranged production to produce the GWD series orbit motors for customers. This series of travel motors is used in self-propelled scissor aerial work platforms, covering 6-14 meters models.

The technical parameters of the GWD375 motor are as follows:

GRH GWD travel motors-1

Guorui Hydraulics(GRH) specially designed the packaging, which is convenient for workers to take out, and more saves time.

GRH GWD travel motors-2

The following is the project leader is checking the appearance of the GWD orbit motor to ensure the paint is intact and free of scratches. From production to delivery, we strive to be professional and perfect in every process.

GRH GWD travel motors-3

In recent years, Guorui Hydraulics has continuously introduced high-end processing equipment, especially the continuous investment in the production equipment of travel motors, such as the surface forming grinder from Germany, to ensure high-quality product quality and performance. 

In the future, Guorui Hydraulics will fully develop its brilliance in the field of orbit motors!

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