GRH hydraulic orbital motor – new series released

Hydraulic orbit motors have a wide range of uses, mainly used in the slewing mechanism of a variety of machinery such as agriculture, fishery, light industry, lifting and transportation, mining, and construction machinery.


The inner gear ring is fixedly connected with the housing, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor to revolve around a center point. This kind of slowly rotating rotor drives the output through the spline shaft and is called a hydraulic orbit motor. After this original orbit motor came out, after decades of evolution, another concept motor began to form. This kind of motor is equipped with rollers in the built-in gear ring. The motor with rollers can provide higher starting and running torque. The rollers reduce friction, thus improving efficiency, even at very low speeds. Can produce stable output. By changing the direction of input and output flow, the motor quickly reverses and produces equivalent torque in both directions. Each series of motors have various displacement options to meet various speed and torque requirements.


The orbit motor converts hydraulic energy (pressure, flow) into mechanical energy (torque and speed). The basic principle is that an internal gear (rotor) rotates around a fixed external gear (stator). The internal gear transmits the torque generated by the oil inlet pressure through the output shaft.


The GR and GRS series orbit motors in GRH are equipped with spool valves: integrated design of distribution valve and output shaft. The cardan shaft drives the distribution valve to transfer mechanical energy from the gear to the output shaft. The liquid-lubricated bearing of the valve can have an unlimited life without exceeding the maximum load.



There are currently 7 series of GRH orbit motors, namely GM, GPH, GR, GS, GH, GT, GV. Each series corresponds to a different displacement, speed, pressure, and torque range. In addition, the oil distribution method is also different. The difference is that there are two structures: shaft distribution and disc distribution.



Today’s protagonist is our GM series orbit motor. The GM series orbit motor is a shaft-distribution orbit motor with a relatively small volume and a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in agricultural machinery, conveying machinery and food industry. Many, the displacement range of this series of motors is: 8cc-50cc, maximum pressure: 20mpa, maximum power: 3.2kw, if you want to know more information about selection, please consult our company’s website or contact us directly!


GM orbit motor

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