GRH Hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit

The power unit is a hydraulic power assembly that integrates power sources such as motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic control components, filter devices, media containers and other hydraulic components, and is connected to actuators such as cylinders, motors, and brakes through an external pipeline system. , It can be realized to drive the end mechanism to move by controlling the start, stop, rotation of the power source, and the reversal of the hydraulic valve.

Guorui has been focusing on the hydraulic field for 30 years. Hydraulic power units are widely used in car lifts, scissor lifts, bridges, snowplows, etc. We can also make customized hydraulic power units for you. Our design is a modular design, we can propose solutions according to your requirements, and quickly realize your requirements through mature standard modules. At the same time, the high-quality core component configuration guarantees a higher performance level and service life of the whole machine; precision parts processing guarantees a higher energy efficiency of the whole machine; strict process control guarantees stable product quality.

Custom scope
AC: 220V/ 380V
DC: 12V/24V
Power: 0.5KW / 0.8KW / 1.5KW / 1.6KW / 2.0KW / 2.2KW / 3.0KW)
Pump displacement: 0.16cc/r-8cc/r
Pressure: 100bar-250bar
Fuel tank: 4L-16L/plastic or iron/horizontal or vertical
Port: customized


动力单元DC-F39-2.5-E-2-24-24-8H-A-5 动力单元AC-F1.6-E-0.75-230-1420-2300-1

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