Introduction of GRH 0 group hydraulic gear pump

The displacement range of GRH’s 0 group gear pump is (0.16-2) ml/r, and there are two options for pressure, F(200bar)/G(250bar). The inlet and outlet threads are connected with G thread, metric thread, American thread (NPT), etc., flange and shaft extension size, there are two kinds of rotation directions, counterclockwise and clockwise, there are 6 kinds of oil port positions, the default is side in and side out, you can choose whether to have a valve, there are overflow valves and One-way valve is optional; the order code model of group 0 pump is 0PF**L**B01**, and the selection is determined according to your actual situation.

GRH gear pump overview:

In order to ensure the performance of the gear pump, it is necessary not only to carefully read the sample to understand the performance parameters, but also to design the hydraulic system reasonably. Pay special attention to the following points:

The design of the hydraulic circuit, the specification and position of the suction line, the valve, and the accuracy of the filter are sent to the cooler.

Ensure regular maintenance of the system and send the filter device.

The filter system should be equipped with an alarm device.

Avoid working under the following conditions: starting with pressure and low temperature.

Try to avoid working at high pressure and low speed.

Choose oil reasonably.

Ensure the correct installation of the gear pump and driver.

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