Introduction of GRH new product reducer

1. Introduction

The reducer is generally used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed running power is used to achieve the purpose of deceleration by meshing with a large gear on the output shaft through a gear with a small number of teeth on the input shaft of the reducer. The reducer will also have several pairs of gears with the same principle to achieve the ideal reduction effect. The ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gears is the transmission ratio.

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2. Classification

The reducer plays the role of matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or the actuator. It is a relatively precise machine. The purpose of using it is to reduce the speed and increase the torque. There are many types, different models, and different types have different uses. There are many types of reducers. According to the transmission type, they can be divided into gear reducers, worm reducers and planetary gear reducers; according to the transmission stages, they can be divided into single-stage and multi-stage reducers; according to the gear shape, they can be divided into cylindrical gear reducers. The speed reducer, the bevel gear reducer and the cone-cylindrical gear reducer; according to the transmission arrangement, it can be divided into the expansion type, the split type and the coaxial type reducer.


3. Features

The main feature of the worm gear reducer is that it has a reverse self-locking function and can have a larger reduction ratio. The input shaft and the output shaft are not on the same axis or on the same plane. But generally the volume is large, the transmission efficiency is not high, and the accuracy is not high. The harmonic drive of the harmonic reducer uses the controllable elastic deformation of the flexible element to transmit motion and power. The volume is small and the accuracy is high. However, the disadvantage is that the flexible wheel has a limited life and is not resistant to impact. The rigidity is compared with metal parts. difference. The input speed cannot be too high. The advantages of planetary reducer are compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, long service life, and large rated output torque. But the price is slightly more expensive. The gear reducer has the characteristics of small size and large transmission torque. The gear reducer is designed and manufactured on the basis of a modular combination system. There are a lot of motor combinations, installation forms and structural schemes, and the transmission ratio is finely graded to meet different working conditions and realize electromechanical integration. The gear reducer has high transmission efficiency, low energy consumption and superior performance. Cycloidal pin gear reducer is a transmission model that adopts the principle of cycloidal pin tooth meshing planetary transmission. It is an ideal transmission device with many advantages, wide applications, and can run forward and backward.


4. Function

1). Reduce the speed and increase the output torque at the same time. The torque output ratio is the motor output multiplied by the reduction ratio, but it must be noted that the rated torque of the reducer cannot be exceeded;

2). Deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time, and the reduction in inertia is the square of the reduction ratio.


5. Application areas

The reducer is a mechanical transmission device in many fields of the national economy. The product categories involved in the industry include various gear reducers, planetary gear reducers and worm reducers, as well as various special transmission devices, such as speed increasing devices and speed regulating devices. Devices, and various composite transmission devices including flexible transmission devices. The product service area involves metallurgy, nonferrous metals, coal, building materials, shipbuilding, water conservancy, electric power, engineering machinery and petrochemical industries.

Our country’s reducer industry has a history of nearly 40 years. In various fields of the national economy and national defense industry, reducer products have been widely used. Food and light industry, electric machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, cement machinery, environmental protection machinery, electronic appliances, road construction machinery, water conservancy machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, building materials machinery, rubber machinery, petroleum machinery and other industries Reducer products are in strong demand.

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