JCB launches the first electric Loadall telescopic forklift model

JCB’s 505-20E is an all-electric version of the popular Loadall, providing a zero-emission material handling solution. Its features include dual electric motors, regenerative hydraulic system and full variable speed operation capability.
JCB introduced the first electric Loadall telescopic forklift model, thus expanding the range of E-TECH zero-emission machines.
After the company pioneered the telehandler concept for more than 43 years, JCB introduced the 505-20E, an all-electric version of the popular Loadall. 505-20E is designed to provide the same performance as conventional diesel engines, providing zero-emission material handling solutions for agricultural and commercial gardening, landscaping, construction and industrial applications.
Tim Burnhope, Chief Innovation Officer of JCB, said: “JCB has taken a pioneering lead in the electric propulsion of construction, agricultural and industrial machinery, and has successfully brought the 19C-1E small excavator and 66-40E Teletruk to the market.”
He continued: “The launch of JCB 505-20E Loadall further pushes the electrification of equipment to the general construction, industrial and agricultural markets, providing a zero-emission load handling solution without affecting performance or productivity. We feel about the prospects Very excited about this machine.”
The 505-20E uses two proven electric motors, one for the power transmission system and the other for powering the hydraulic system. The 23 hp (17kW) traction motor drives the JCB drive/steering shaft through a permanent four-wheel drive lift box. The 30 hp (22kW) hydraulic system motor powers the fixed displacement gear pump while providing a maximum flow of 21 gpm.
The flow rate is proportional to the position of the joystick. The lifting end is controlled by an electro-hydraulic valve block, and hydraulic regeneration is generated when the boom is lowered and retracted.
Through JCB’s LiveLink telematics system and on-site research, testing and evaluation, extensive analysis of the customer’s work cycle has been carried out, allowing JCB engineers to optimize the machine’s battery to meet customer needs. 96V lithium ion battery can provide full-shift operation.
The traction drive motor uses regenerative braking instead of a traditional braking system to charge the battery in the process. The hydraulic system can also regenerate the flow while reducing the boom, thereby reducing power requirements and extending working hours. After the battery is fully charged, the regenerative braking function will automatically turn off.
The machine is equipped with a 240V, 16A car charger that can charge the battery in 8 to 10 hours. The optional JCB universal charger can be quickly recharged during a break, which may take 60 minutes.
505-20E is designed to meet the current and future needs of customers from all walks of life. It can provide zero emissions for work in barns, crop grading and storage sheds, greenhouses and composite tunnels during operation. In addition, it complements the growing popularity of battery-powered professional beautification equipment used by golf courses and professional contractors.
In addition, the new telescopic forklift can use low-cost renewable energy in farms and other rural enterprises that produce green electricity.
The second benefit of electrical operation is that the noise level can be significantly reduced. This makes Loadall an attractive machine suitable for use by operators behind the steering wheel, and in close proximity to other people or animals, such as in vegetable and fruit storage centers, greenhouses or fields. The cabin noise of the 505-20E is only 66.7 decibels, while the external noise is 92.2 decibels, which means that the machine can pass through the fields quietly without disturbing animals. The white noise reversing alarm can be used as an option to warn workers of movement.
JCB did not sacrifice driver comfort. The full-size ROPS / FOPS cab is reasonably arranged, and fatigue-free operation is achieved through easy-to-locate controls. The machine will be provided as a taxi or canopy.
Since the 505-20E has the same 5,500 pounds capacity, the maximum lifting capacity is the same as the diesel engine model. The external dimensions remain unchanged at 12 feet 1 inch. External turning radius and total height of 6 feet 2 inches. The machine is designed to provide a cycle time similar to that of a diesel telescopic boom without reducing performance. It can be used with forks, various buckets and many other JCB Loadall accessories.

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