Power Unit for Hydraulic Scissorlift

This power unit use no-leak Dual way check valve to realize the complete isolation of two lines. It makes this two lines totally independent in the action of lift and fall. It’s the ideal hydraulic power for multiple cylinder single lift system. This power unit widely used in primary and secondary (big scissor) fork lifter.

1.Hydraulic system pressure: 130-180bar
2.Hydraulic oil tank volume: 20L
3.Displacement of Hydraulic pump: 2.1cc/r
4.Motor power: 2.2KW, AC220V
5.Motor rotary speed: 2850r/min
6.Function: Single acting way
7.Color: default red/ white plastic
8.Mounting:  Vertical
9.Material of tank: iron sheet(1-1.5mm), Engineering Plastic
10.Application: repairing large and stardand size vehicle




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